Apple now lets you transfer your photos and videos from iCloud to Google Photos


Although some Android platforms have a dedicated transfer app, transferring your data from iOS to an Android platform is not an easy task and usually take super long. Well, that's all changed because Apple just announced that you can now transfer your iCloud photos and videos to Google Photos.

To begin, you may visit the Data and Privacy page by Apple and sign in with your Apple ID. After that, you should see a "Transfer a copy of your data" option and follow the instructions written there. Do note that this transfer service won't remove everything on your iPhone, but rather like a backup method.


Depending on how much photos and videos you have on your iPhone, the transfer process may take between three to seven days. We were also told that all your files can be transferred except Smart Albums, Live Photos, photo stream content, some metadata, some RAW photos, and the original version of the photo (if you did the most recent edit).

For Malaysians, we might have to wait a while for this service because it's not available yet. The user also needs to have two-factor authentication and Google Photos account to complete the transfer too. Until then, stay tuned for more trending tech news at