Apple's upcoming Mac Pro to feature 40-core chip, upgraded Mac mini is in the works as well

Mac Pro cover EDITED.jpg

Photo courtesy of The Verge

After launching the new MacBooks and iMac, it's time for the Mac Pro to get its upgrade as well. According to inside info provided by Bloomberg, Apple is currently working on a new Mac Pro and also a higher-end Mac mini.

It is claimed that there will be two versions of Mac Pro with one having a 20-core and another having a 40-core chip. The GPU will have either 64 or 128 cores. With codenames 2C-Die and 4C-Die, the new Mac Pros could also adopt 16 and 32 high-performance cores, being power-efficient ones for lower loads. Besides that, rumour has it that the new Mac Pro will also have its size reduced twice compared with its predecessors.

Mac Pro 1.jpg

For the Mac mini, it is expected to have a huge upgrade over the existing one. It will reportedly use a 10-core CPU and either 32 or 64 GPU cores. The chassis will also add two more ports on top of the existing two and support up to 64GB of RAM. However, the Mac mini is said to be in the early stages for now and Apple could push back or abandon the project.

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