Apple to launch a budget version of Apple Pencil

cheap Apple Pencil cover.jpg

Apple Pencil has become a must-have accessory for the new iPads. If users want to unlock the full potential of the iPads, Apple Pencil is the key. However, not everyone can afford all these products together. Therefore, the company might be planning to make a budget version of the accessory, and we think it's better than nothing.

According to the source, the tech giant is working on an Apple Pencil that costs $50 (~RM224). This version of the Apple Pencil allegedly features iPhone compatibility and would also solve one of the big complaints about the 10th Gen iPad. The budget iPad uses a USB-C port to charge, but Apple Pencil gets juiced up through a Lightning port instead. Therefore, it requires users to purchase another dongle.

The budget Apple Pencil codenamed 'Marker' was expected to arrive at the September event. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. Therefore, we might have to wait until the next round. It's also said that some features would be absent in this budget Apple Pencil, including the pressure-sensing technology or a battery. However, even without a battery, Apple could develop a chip that can power up the stylus through the screen, which is something we've seen in the Samsung Galaxy S Pen.

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