Apple to unleash iPhone X triple threat in 2018?


According to KGI securities analyst, Kuo Ming-Chi via MacRumors, Apple is planning something big in 2018 with a trio of possible iPhones with different capabilities in specs for the masses.

Kuo reports that the three alleged 2018 iPhones will have an iPhone X-like display including the infamous notch up on top and different display sizes – 5.8-inch, 6.5-inch and lastly 6.1-inch with a 480-500 PPI, 458 PPI and 320-330 PPI pixel density respectively.

Not much was mentioned about the standard 5.8-inch OLED version, but the 6.5-inch is rumored to be the bigger iPhone X Plus which will have an incredible 500 PPI pixel density. The 6.1-inch version of the 2018 iPhones is expected to be somewhat of an entry-level/ iPhone 5C type of device with a lower pixel density and cheaper components which of course leads to a lower price compared with the other two. Somewhere around the $650-$750 (RM2700 – RM3150) range perhaps?

Now while Mr. Kuo is reported to be pretty reliable, please do remember that these are still unconfirmed news and should be taken with a big dose of salt. Also, remember to stay tuned to for any Malaysian releases, announcements and prices.

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