Apple will shut down My Photo Stream by the end of July 2023


If you are an Apple user, you probably got an email regarding the 'My Photo Stream' shutting down. But if you haven't got or read the email yet, here's the breakdown. 

According to Apple, the My Photo Stream that is available inside your photo app will shut down on 26 July 2023. With this, any new photos uploaded there will stop on 26 June 2023. Additionally, any photos uploaded to the service before that date will remain in iCloud for 30 days from the date of upload. They will be available on any of your devices where My Photo Stream is currently enabled.

Then by 26 July, the photos remaining in iCloud will be gone when the service shuts down. As long as you have the original photos on your device, the photos in My Photo Stream are already stored so you won't lose any. You can read more information on how to download photos from My Photo Stream right over here

With the removal of My Photo Stream, Apple said iCloud Photos is the best way to keep all the photos and videos you have taken. iCloud Photos is available on iOS 8.3 or later, iPadOS 8.3 or later, and macOS 10 Yosemite or later. All your photos and videos in the Photos app can be viewed on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and even sync them to a Windows PC using iCloud for Windows.