Astro announced all channel services are recovered back on Astro Box


Two days ago, it was reported that the Astro service network was down due to a satellite issue. Thankfully, they managed to restore it back just last night at starting from 9 PM onwards. If you have Astro at home, you are advised to restart the Astro Box first before watching a show.

Despite the restoration, Astro also gave a heads-up that customers who live in high rise buildings, apartments or who have a non-standard Astro installation (potentially including Multiroom) may still experience a service error on some channels. With that, Astro is still working on this issue as we speak so do please be patient.

From the comments on Astro's Facebook posts, it seems that many of them still can't watch any channel despite not living in any high rise buildings. On top of that, some customers claimed that they can't stream anything on Astro Go either even though it was recommended by the company.

Anyway, I guess it's best to wait it out until they resolve the issues. So in the meantime, you may continue your daily activities. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay tuned for more trending tech news at