Astro will change all their HD channels numbers on 1 April

Channel Renumbering ENG.JPG

Update - Astro have also extended their complimentary viewing!

Nope, this is not an April's Fool joke. Astro will be reorganizing the numbers on their channel on 1 April 2020. According to their PR statement, this is to provide their Astro customers with a better viewing experience including Astro GO and NJOI (really?). Anyway, since there are more than 100 HD channels, the company will move them to higher positions. 

To find all your preferred HD/SD channels on Astro, all you have to do is add 20. For instance, HBO HD is on Channel 411, so just add 20 (411+20) and you will find it on Channel 431. Do the same for like say, Astro RIA HD on Channel 104 and you will find it on Channel 124 (104+20). If doing mathematical counts in your head is too much work, you can also message the company at +603 9543 3838. Start with a "Hi" and follow the menu to choose "New Channel Numbers". You can also login to their website here to find out, as well as access to the full new number list of Channel 100 on your Astro Box. 

Astro MCO viewing extension ENG.PNG

Wait, there's more. Astro will also extend their complimentary viewing period since the MCO was extended. From news channels to movies, NJOI customers and 22 channels including selected video-on-demand shows via Astro GO, this offer will end on 11.59PM, Tuesday, 14 April 2020.   On the other hand, Sports pack customers can continue to enjoy complimentary viewing to all channels (except Astro First and Best) on Astro and Astro GO until 11:59PM on Thursday, 30 April 2020. For more information, you can view

That's all, folks. So keep calm, binge on, and stay tuned for more tech news at