Asus to unveil new ZenFone models a day before CES 2015


ASUS has scheduled a press event on 5 January 2015, exactly a day before CES 2015. In the event, called "Experience 2omorrow", the company is expected to release a number of new ZenFone smartphones, including a 5.5-inch model. The entire event will be streamed live on the ASUS website. Most of the ZenFone models to be released next year are said to run on Intel's chipsets, just like current generation devices. There are also rumors that some may be powered by Mediatek processors. ASUS ZenFone smartphones are well-known for their decent specifications at an affordable price tag and the newer models are expected to retail under RM1100. The ZenFone smartphones running Intel chips are said to come with 4G LTE support and will be priced around $300 (RM1050). On the other hand, the Mediatek powered ZenPhones will be cheaper, around $150 (RM525) and will be limited to local Chinese markets. ASUS aims to launch the ZenFone lineup in 20 countries instead of the present 14 by next year. The company also plans to double its total units sold - from 8 million in 2014 to 16 million in 2015. The three main ZenFone models, the ZenFone 4, ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 6 were launched in Malaysia early this year and we expect these new models to come around the same time next year, perhaps in March or April 2015.


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