BLACKPINK latest song ‘Lovesick Girls’ released in PUBG MOBILE

blackpink cover.jpg

Since 24 September, PUBG MOBILE has unveiled multiple contents in collaboration with BLACKPINK for the fans enjoyment. Besides that, there have also included BLACKPINK’s new song ‘Lovesick Girls’ from The Album, instead of ‘How You Like That’ when you logging into the game. 

From 2 October until 8 October, both PUBG MOBILE players and Blinks (BLACKPINK fans) will spot an airdrop plane painted in pink and see the BLACKPINK logo on it. As for the airdrop, it will feature colour themes and The Album icon, while releasing pink smoke on the battlefield. On top of that, players will see the special collaboration billboards in the New Erangel map.

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