Be careful of Facebook ads impersonating Khairul Aming and KL Mall - MyCert urges hosting providers to take action


If you have been on Facebook long enough, you have probably noticed some ads with Khairul Aming’s image or other KL Malls in them. If you see them, you might want to report them and stay away from them. You might wonder, why?

In case you didn’t know, these are scam ads. Clicking on it will lead you to phishing sites on Facebook. According to MyCert, the agency has observed a surge in fraudulent ads impersonating popular brands or individuals. That includes a page impersonating Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur and social media personality Khairul Aming.

Interestingly, these scam ads often come with a “sponsored’ label. That makes their scam more believable since it is promoted on Facebook. MyCert also explains that these ads target people with “tempting online offers” for products like perfumes or gadgets.

Notably, an ad impersonating Khairul Aming made it look like a testimonial for a limited-time sale on a smartwatch. The ads include links to phishing sites that have been designed to mimic legitimate e-commerce sites with identical branding. After that, the sites will require you to fill your personal details for the “purchase” process.


Once you have done so, MyCert said the website would claim that the order is confirmed and you will be required to make a payment upon receiving a receipt. Doing this will risk disclosing your banking information, name, address and phone number to a non-authorized third party. Eventually, it could lead to potential financial loss.

MyCert also recommended that you should be extra cautious about online deals that “seem too good to be true” and not click on any suspicious URLs sent through social media postings, ads, email or any messaging service.

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