Belkin just came up with a cleaning kit for your AirPods


Have you ever gotten annoyed or rather, disgusted by cleaning your own earwax from your earphones? Well, Belkin has thought this through and developed an AirPod Cleaning Kit. Currently, it's only available in the USA for $14.99 (~RM65).

For the uninitiated, Belkin is similar to Ugreen which sells third-party accessories for smartphones and whatnot. In the case of the AirPods Cleaning Kit, the kit is usable for the AirPods 1, 2 and 3 models. As you can see, these earphones don't have any silicone tips so you better don't use the cleaning kit for other silicone-based earphones.

Inside the cleaning kit, it includes a cleaning brush, an earwax softening solution, a cleaning gel, and a microfibre cloth. From the video, it seems to suggest that the cleaning kit is a one-time-use product since the cleaning components are small. The cleaning gel must be used two hours after opening.

Belkin also claims that its cleaning kit can improve sound quality after removing earwax. We don't know how true is that, but we certainly don't mind trying it out. Belkin is also available in the Malaysian market so we hope the cleaning kit will be available sometime soon.