Besides the RAM and battery, the iPhone SE supports dual-SIM and wireless charging too


As per tradition, Apple doesn't always disclose all their tech specs details on new iPhone models. This includes the latest iPhone SE 2020 version where we didn't get the figure for the RAM and battery pack. However, thanks to the listing in China, we finally know the details.

According to China Telecom's listing in their library, there is 3GB of RAM and 1821mAh battery. This proved to be correct because on the iPhone SE specifications in, it's said that the battery life is the same as the iPhone 8 which the latter also has the same amount. 3GB of RAM may seem small in today's standards, but we have to remember that iOS runs differently than Android as Apple tends to optimize their apps and software.

To add on, fans of compact phones will be pleased to know that the iPhone SE 2020 will come with a dual-SIM feature. However, keep in mind that you can't use a microSD card for it since the phone only supports a nano-SIM and eSIM. Besides that, Qi wireless charging and up to 18W charging is supported but the box will only ship with a 5W charger.

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