Best Apple iPhone in history? This is what this netizen says about this iPhone


The Apple iPhone 15 series had a rough start when it first launched. As time passes, it seems that everything is going back to normal again. Some netizens also says a variant of this iPhone is the best they have gotten so far. So, which one is it?

According to this user on PTT, he has been an iPhone user since the first generation. This user expresses his satisfaction on the iPhone 15 Plus. Even cites it as “the best iPhone in history” as well. The interesting part? He is not the only person who felt that way.

In addition, the user mentioned that through his 10 generations of experience using iPhones, he really likes the new video recording function of iPhone 3Gs. He also likes the larger screen and thinner design of iPhone 6/6s. He also favours the the multi-lens synchronized recording featured by iPhone 11.


Moreover, he says that he is greatly satisfied with the iPhone 15 Plus battery life, screen size and the 2x telephoto lens. He found out that it only takes 14% out of the battery after 7 hours of continuous gaming with the lowest brightness. He also found out the battery dropped by 3% after 8 hours of sleep. On top of that, he praised the matte and finger-resistant design of the Plus variant.

But that is not the end of it, other users on PTT echoed his thoughts. These are some of the things they have to say about the phone. Spoiler alert, they are all very positive:

"I agree with you, iPhone 15 Plus is amazing"
"iPhone 15 Plus is very durable, it's a miracle machine",
"I passed by iPhone 15 Plus, the battery is too powerful.
“I have forgotten what a mobile power bank looks like”
“Charge the 15 Plus once a day, but no longer worry about battery power”
“Charge the iPhone 15 Plus once every two days”

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