Best mobile prepaid plans for the budget-conscious as of January 2023


New year, new plans. That's usually the sentiment that many people have. This could be things like setting new goals and resolutions or making some changes to our lives. Basically, it's good to reevaluate some things with the new year.

So, what can we review or change? Perhaps you want to cut down your monthly expenditure or get the best value out of services like your mobile plan. With that in mind, we'll be listing some of the best mobile prepaid plans for the budget-conscious as of January 2023.


Best prepaid options under RM30

There are many prepaid plans you can get for under RM30 per month these days. But the trend is clearly leaning towards Internet data. You can easily tell that the best value packages tend to offer you more high-speed data. Some plans also provide access to social media apps or mobile games without eating into your monthly data cap.

Interestingly, most of these plans don't offer unlimited calls. If that's what you need, get U Mobile's Prepaid U25 plan. For 5G access, the Yes Prepaid FT5G Unlimited plan is your best bet. You can also consider Yoodo's packages if you want a customised prepaid plan. For a summary, check the list below.


Hotlink Streaming (RM25/month) - 15GB high-speed data, unlimited high-speed streaming for selected apps (6 am to 6 pm), 30-day validity

Digi Prepaid NEXT 30 (RM30/month) - 20GB high-speed data, unlimited social media (TikTok/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook), 2GB wireless hotspot, 30-day validity

Yes Prepaid FT5G Unlimited (RM30/month) - Unlimited 4G/5G, uncapped speed, unlimited calls, 9GB wireless hotspot, 30-day validity

U Mobile Prepaid U25 (RM25/month) - Unlimited 4G data @3Mbps, unlimited calls, 30-day validity



Yoodo Makcik Bawang (RM26/month) - 20GB high-speed data, 20GB Facebook, 20GB WhatsApp, 30-day validity


Best prepaid options under RM60

Our options are slightly wider for prepaid plans in the under RM60 per month category. Mind you, it's mostly more high-speed data or social media data. But you also get more plans with unlimited calls and wireless hotspot data.

In our opinion, Digi's Prepaid NEXT 35 offers the best value in this category. But if you're interested in cloud gaming, it could be worth trying the Celcom 30GB High Speed plan, which also offers 5G access in the future. Another option is the U Mobile U40 plan, as it comes with unlimited wireless hotspot data and uncapped Internet data during the weekends.


Celcom Xpax Unlimited 30GB High Speed (RM35/month) - 30GB 4G/5G data, 1x VR content, 1-month Blacknut Cloud Gaming, unlimited calls, 30-day validity


Digi Prepaid NEXT 35 (RM35/month) - 30GB high-speed data, unlimited calls, unlimited social media (TikTok/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook), 3GB wireless hotspot, 30-day validity

Hotlink Streaming (RM40/month) - 25GB high-speed data, unlimited high-speed streaming for selected apps (6 am to 6 pm), 30-day validity


U Mobile Prepaid U40 (RM40/month) - Uncapped 4G/5G speeds on weekends, unlimited 4G @6Mbps, unlimited calls, unlimited wireless hotspot, 30-day validity

Yoodo Kepochi (RM51/month) - 40GB high-speed data, 20GB Facebook, 20GB WhatsApp, 100-min calls, 30-day validity


Please note that all the plans listed above are in their base forms without add-ons applied, so your mileage may vary. But overall, you could get a great mobile prepaid plan for less than RM50 per month, which is great if you have a low budget.

With that said, what do you think about the plans listed? Do you think their value is enough for you? Share your comments on our Facebook page! And we'll be updating this article frequently, so stay tuned to TechNave for news on the best prepaid options.