BigPay introduces a new ‘Stashes’ feature to encourage savings and financial well-being

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BigPay today announced a new feature called ‘Stashes’, a virtual account that allows users to organise and save money that is separate from their BigPay spending wallet. Moreover, through its ‘Round-up’ feature, users can also opt to round up their transactions to the nearest Ringgit to be automatically put into the Stash. 

In a statement today, BigPay revealed that the feature has been successful since its launch less than a month ago, whereby BigPay users have accumulated over 100,000 Stash and Round-up transactions. 

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In relation to the new feature, BigPay is also introducing 'Multiple Stashes' which as the name suggests, allows users to create multiple Stashes for different objectives and customisable saving goals. You can even personalise the Stashes by adding images, descriptions and rules such as locking your Stash until your savings goal or deadline has been achieved. 

Speaking of which, a Savings Goal feature is also added to enable quicker ways for users to reach their savings goals. These include Turbo Round-ups that can help users save 2x, 3x or a fixed amount more per transaction. 

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Additionally, users can schedule deposits into their Stash on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Beyond rounds-up through card payment transactions only, users will now be able to Round-up DuitNow QR payment transactions towards their Stash as well. Users will also be able to have an overview of their financial goals based on factors like spending habits and stash rules.

Besides that, BigPay also announced a contest in relation to Stashes, whereby from now until 2 October 2022, users stand a chance to be one of the 5 weekly winners to win double their Stash amount. For more information, do visit the official BigPay website here. 

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