Black Shark 3S will come with Screen Mirroring support and Motion Controls


We are just a day away from the Black Shark 3S launch in China and so far, the tech specs teased by the company is predictable. We are expecting a Snapdragon 865+ chipset and the device will support up to 120Hz refresh rate. Pretty standard, right? Well, their latest video teaser just revealed that you can play your mobile games on your PC/laptop via USB as well as supporting motion controls. 

The video teaser was officially released on Black Shark's Weibo account but since not everyone can access it, Sparrow News uploaded it once again on YouTube to give us a better look. With this, we can confirm that Black Shark 3S supports screen mirroring, motion controls, as well as keyboard and mouse input via USB connectivity. Setting up the screen mirror seems simple, as you only need to navigate through the Black Shark app and give access permission for the PC/laptop.

Since the Black Shark 3S supports keyboard and mouse input, that means you can customize the buttons to your preference. Speaking of customizing, you can also customize motion control which moving the phone in a certain method can execute a command. To be honest, it does look kinda impractical but there is some potential in this for mobile gamers to have an upper hand.

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