Black Shark is selling gaming thumb sleeves made of fiber material for ~RM17

BlackShark Thumb Sleeves cover EDITED.jpg

Accessories are a must for some to assist and improve their gaming experiences. Nowadays, the variety of gaming accessories keep increasing as gamers are requesting for different kind of needs. Today, the gaming smartphone brand, Black Shark, has released a set of gaming thumb sleeves for users to prevent their fingers from slipping so they won't miss a shot.

Simply named as Black Shark Gaming Thumb Sleeves set, the accessory is made of extremely thin superconducting carbon fiber along with spandex and super breathable cotton measuring at just 0.25mm. The thumb sleeve was sewn together using 18 knitting methods and uses a 1-piece stitching technology through 12 technological processes. It can also wrap up to 220g which makes it suitable for different types of finger sizes.

BlackShark Thumb Sleeves 1.jpgBlackShark Thumb Sleeves 1.5.jpgBlackShark Thumb Sleeves 2.jpg

For the design, the thumb sleeves set adopts the brand's colour scheme which is green and black. Each of them features the Black Shark's logo as well for brand association. Since it's made out of fiber material, users should keep them away from any source of fire or any sharp objects. The Black Shark Thumb Sleeves set is sold at 29 Yuan (~RM17).

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