BlackBerry Kopi spotted with BlackBerry Q5


One of the main problems BlackBerry has in the consumer market is that they have no device or BlackBerry smartphone to target the lower-end and entry-level market. Fans have had high hopes for practically every rumoured BlackBerry device said to be coming out soon, but it seems that one of the more affordable BlackBerry devices from the Foxconn deal could be coming soon bearing the name BlackBerry Kopi. Recently pictured side by side with the BlackBerry Q5 the device is nearly identical, except perhaps for a silver frame and textured backside rather than the standard all black matte. Unfortunately, there are only pictures, with no details or tech specs or even pricing. Rumours say the BlackBerry Kopi could be priced at RM818 though. BlackBerry have said that they will try to include 4G LTE support for any BlackBerry so we assume that the BlackBerry Kopi can do the same. No Malaysia release dates just yet but rumours say we could see the BlackBerry Kopi after Q2 of 2014.