BlackBerry Q5 Coming to Malaysia in July

BlackBerry Q5 Cover.jpg

Quite a lot of people opted for the BlackBerry Q10 as opposed to the touch-screen BlackBerry Z10 mainly because it stayed true to the BlackBerry design, and it had a physical QWERTY keyboard. However, many of those people were quite shocked by the BlackBerry Q10's rather high price. With that in mind the company has released the BlackBerry Q10's little brother, the BlackBerry Q5. Recently announced at the BlackBerry Live 2013 in Florida, the BlackBerry Q5 as it is officially known, seems to have been the previously leaked BlackBerry device formerly known as the R10. As such, it looks exactly like the R10 images, right down to the 3.1-inch touchscreen to the almost separate feeling QWERTY keyboard.

Unfortunately, BlackBerry did not reveal any other tech specs about the BlackBerry Q5 except that it would be released for certain emerging market in the Asia Pacific (this should also include Malaysia). While no definite release dates have been given, most are expecting the BlackBerry Q5 to reach us in July 2013. The BlackBerry Q5 should at least offer the BlackBerry 10.1 OS but we're not so sure that it may also include LTE support as well. Initial response to the BlackBerry Q5, or R10 as it was previously known has been mixed, with some users liking it and others disliking it outright but it should offer a less expensive BlackBerry alternative.


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