Blueprints and 6 considerations are still taking into account before deciding to end the MCO on 28 April!


Untitled-1.jpgMalaysia’s government is still developing a blueprint for a return to normalcy after movement control order (MCO). As Datuk Dr. Noor Nisham Abdullah announced there were 57 new Covid-19 infected cases and 3 more deaths yesterday, he mentioned there are 6 considerations that must be accounted before deciding to end the MCO on 28 April.

According to Datuk Dr. Noor Nisham, the 6 considerations include an effective border control to prevent the influx of new cases, the effectiveness of the MCO, the capacity of Malaysia’s health care system, measures to protect high-risk groups, adherence to new norms such as social distancing, and inter-agency cooperation. He added, although the MCO resulted in a good manner, we still cannot end it immediately, but only by having a soft landing on it.Untitled-1.jpgCurrent status of Covid-19 infections in Malaysia

So even if the MCO ends as scheduled, we will not be encouraged to go back to our normal lifestyle but still recommended staying at home especially for those who are unrelated to the economic sector. As our actions are the key to break the infection chain of Covid-19. He also highlighted that the government should refrain from ending the MCO before new cases drop to the single digits.

As of now, there is no official confirmation on whether will the MCO be ending as scheduled to be extended yet but do continue to practice all the precautionary steps and continue to stay at home. Stay tuned for more local news updates on!