Blueshark enters Malaysia with R1 Series electric scooters, starting price from RM7190

[Image] Blueshark’s smart electric scooter arrives in Malaysia with cutting-edge technology to revolutionise urban mobility.JPG

Today, a new brand has entered the Malaysian market with a lineup of advanced smart electric scooters. Named Blueshark, a subsidiary of Sharkgulf Technologies Group, the company officially unveiled the Blueshark R series comprising the R1 and R1 Lite

The Blueshark R1 smart electric scooter features a range of of up to 110km on a single charge (NEDC), with a top speed of 80km/h and peak torque of 201Nm. Powered by a 5000w high speed electric permanent magnet motor and Dual Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery packs, it can be fully charged anywhere within 3.5 hours. The battery pack can be swapped at any Blueshark battery swap station (BlueStation). 


Riders can choose five riding modes including the Walk Assist Mode (WAM) and Turbo modes. The Blueshark R1 is also equipped with the advanced ArkRide smart operating system, with Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, media playback, OTA updates, driving recorder and more, via the 10.4'' Full Colour HD IPS user-friendly dashboard.

Interested customers can outright purchase (from RM7190) and take up subscription packages (from RM487) for the smart electric scooter as well as swappable battery packs (from RM59). On top of that, the company revealed the initial results of its Blueshark Pilot Programme, where 50 e-hailing delivery riders took home the R1 Smart Electric Scooter for a month to test the new electric scooters on the roads. 


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