COVID-19 testing locations will be available on Apple Maps soon


In an effort to battle COVID-19, Apple have been testing a new way for everyone - particularly the hospitals, healthcare support and businesses that are still open - to have access to COVID-19 testing locations on their Apple Maps app. In other words, the app will be able to help those who want to do a health screen test at the nearest location possible so it should prove to be convenient.

According to the Apple Maps website, a red medical glyph icon will appear on the Apple Maps which means it's a testing location. Users can find out more information about the place, such as the name, who is the healthcare provider, contact (phone number and website), even the type of testing location like if it's a hospital or a lab and whether there's a nearby parking lot. To add on, the testing location will also ask the user if an appointment needs to be scheduled or if there's any referral.


For healthcare providers and other businesses to use this testing location feature, they will have to submit their information to Apple for review purposes. All they need to do is just go to the website here and download the template then follow the instructions. This is quite convenient indeed, however, Apple Maps is not widely used in Malaysia as the location tends to be inaccurate (speaking from experience).

We think Google Maps should also try doing this for the sake of the community in these hard times. But anyway, we hope everyone is doing alright in your homes. Stay home, stay safe, and stay tuned for more tech news at