Calpis brings Malaysia Artist Yuna to Waze


Tired of the usual monotone voiceover by your A.I. in your Waze? Calpis, Japan’s first cultured milk drink, has a surprise for Malaysian Waze users as they have just launched the first-ever Malaysian singing voice prompt on Waze featuring Malaysian / international artiste Yuna. Why? Well, why not?

“There’s a lot of commuting taking place during this time as all Malaysians visit one another during the various open houses and more. Waze will help Malaysians arrive at their various destinations safely as some places can be hard to find. Additionally, a singing voice navigator can help break the monotony adding to the happy, fun, Raya celebration - a positive experience that is synonymous with the Calpis brand philosophy,” stated Etika Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Permanis Sandilands Sdn Bhd), Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Hemalatha Ragavan.

To enable your Waze and enjoy Yuna’s vocals, simply download Waze from your respective iOS or Android app stores. Once installed, select the “menu” option → “settings” → select the “sound” option → select “English (UK) - Yuna | Calpis”. Aside from that, Calpis will be giving Malaysians more to celebrate by launching the new Grape flavour, which will come in satisfying 350ml and 1L sizes.

“I’m excited and I hope to bring a little goodness to my fans who are stuck in traffic,” says Yuna when asked about the campaign. “I also hope that Malaysians stay safe on the roads. Keep calm in traffic, take breaks on long journeys and have some Calpis in between to refresh yourselves,” she adds.

For more information on Calpis and the campaigns, visit And drive safe!