Capcom announces new Monster Hunter game for 2025: Monster Hunter Wilds


After the recent success of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and Monster Hunter World, fans are clamouring for more Monster Hunter games. Today, Capcom gave the fans what they have always wanted. Monster Hunter Wilds is coming in 2025 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

For your information, this could be the infamous Monster Hunter 6 that fans have speculated. In case you didn’t know, fans have considered only 5 Monster Hunter games to be “canon” due to their worldwide availability and popularity.

After the conclusion of Monster Hunter 5 (IceBorne), fans were wondering if the Monster Hunter franchise would return to the PlayStation console. That’s because it took Capcom over 14 years to release Monster Hunter World (2018) on the PS console after the last instalment in 2004.

Besides that, Series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto at The Game Awards said his team plans to show off much more of the game in the summer of 2024. Based on the official Monster Hunter Wilds trailer, the new game will take place in what looks like a wasteland or desert.

We have yet to confirm other details or the Malaysia release date for the game. But, if there’s one thing we could say about the game, it’s “HYPE”.


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