Celcom now allows Internet data group sharing with GBShare up to 70GB


GBShare officially launched by Celcom

Today, Celcom Axiata Berhad is excited to introduce a new product feature called GBShare. As the name suggest, GBShare allows users to easily share their FIRST Gold Plus and FIRST Platinum plans with friends and family via MYCELCOM Postpaid app on their mobile devices.

For FIRST Gold Plus, subscribers can register with 2 GBShare lines up to 44GB Internet data for sharing. AS for FIRST Platinum, they are able to register up to at least 2 lines or a maximum of 5 GBShare lines, which totals up to 70GB worth of Internet data. Perhaps the best part of this is not only the humongous pool of data, but it can also be used at any time of the day and on any day.

 GBShare Line table

Plans GBShare for FIRST Gold Plus GBShare for FIRST Platinum
Monthly commitment RM48 RM48
Additional Internet 2GB 2GB
Calls to all networks Unlimited Unlimited
Whatsapp and WeChat Unlimited Unlimited
Min. no. of GBShare lines 2 2
Max. no. of GBShare lines 2 5
Max. total shareable Internet 44GB (40GB + 2GB + 2GB) 70GB (60GB + 2GB + 2GB + 2GB + 2GB + 2GB 

Each GBShare line cost RM48 and comes with an additional 2GB Internet data, that additional data will be added on top of the group’s total monthly quota. And of course, GBShare still includes unlimited calls and unlimited usage for Whatsapp and WeChat.  


A graph of how GBShare line works


The owner can allocate how much data on each individual has


As well as withdrawing the initial data allocated


And adding more data should a certain individual finishes the quota


A quick look at the GBShare function in MYCELCOM Postpaid App

To find out more about GBShare, visit their website at www.celcom.com.my or the nearest Blue Cube and Celcom Xclusive Partners. Stay tuned for more Celcom news at TechNave.com.