Celcom now offers Xiaomi Mi 3 for free

Celcom Xiaomi Mi 3 cover.jpg

Celcom is now offering the Xiaomi Mi-3 for free. You will have to sign up for a Celcom First Prime, First Premier and First Elite plus and mPro data plan or the mPro Plus postpaid plans for 24 months. While it is somewhat late to the table with a Xiaomi Mi-3 bundle, Celcom are offering fairly competitive pricing for the device with rather high data quotas as well. For more details, check out the table below:

Celcom Xiaomi Mi-3

Celcom First Prime + mPro

Celcom First Premier + mPro
Celcom First Elite + mPro
mPro Plus
Monthly RM128 RM168 RM238 RM88
Data (Quota) 5.05GB
Call rates 15 sen / minute 12 sen / minute 10 sen / minute 15 sen / minute
SMS rates 15 sen / SMS 12 sen / SMS 10 sen / SMS 15 sen / SMS
Free Calls RM40 worth
RM80 worth
RM150 worth
60 minutes
Free SMS 60 SMS
Advance payment
RM1000 RM1000 RM938
24 Months contract Free Free

You can also check out our Xiaomi Mi-3 plan comparison tool for other options but for more information regarding this deal do check out the Celcom site. Alternatively, you can also check out our other Celcom Telco deals as well.


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