Celcom now offers unlimited calls and SMS while roaming, from RM 18 a day


For customers who roams a lot, Celcom has just updated their international roaming offering. It is now called Celcom Passports, and it is available from RM 18 a day for postpaid customers and RM10 for prepaid customers.


There are three different packages available for postpaid customers. The 1-Day Call & SMS Pass gives customers unlimited SMS and calls to Malaysia for RM 18 per day. This package is made specifically for ASEAN, and Celcom customers roaming in ASEAN countries (except Vietnam) can subscribe to this package.


Meanwhile, the 1-Day Data pass covers over 160 countries at only RM 38 per day, and you get between 50MB to unlimited data quota depending on its supported country.


A 1-Week Call, SMS & Data Plan is also available for RM 138, for those with longer trips. The pack gives you 3GB of data and unlimited calls/sms to anyone in the world. This is currently available for 10 countries, which includes Bangladesh, India, Japan and Singapore.


For Xpax customers, there is the 1-Day Social Roam pass, which costs RM10 per day, and gives users 1GB of data through their social apps such as Facebook, and Whatsapp.