Celcom presents new WONDEROAM plan for travelers


Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin (third left), Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Celcom, together with fellow Celcom staff launching WONDEROAM service

Today, Celcom Axiata Berhad has launched a new roaming service called WONDEROAM for Celcom subscribers who travels often and needs data to keep connected at a flat rate, there are three different Wonderoam plans which are WONDEROAM 1 Day Social RM10 (XPAX), WONDEROAM 1 Day Internet RM38 (Celcom), and WONDEROAM 1 Week RM138 (Celcom). These new plans offer customers optimal prices as well as assuring them that they will have no bill shock after coming back.


"Travelling abroad and using their devices as normally used, can cause customers to become afraid of high charges. With Celcom's WONDEROAM, customers can now more easily carry out their social media activities with no worries." said Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Celcom.

"Our commitment is to enrich our customer's lives with distinctive service that are delivered with a customer-centric attitude, and we want our subscribers to remain engaged on their social media apps. Our WONDEROAM will absolutely fulfil their data consumption needs when they opt for their preferred plans under the postpaid and prepaid range, as they travel to any of the supported countries. It is all about ensuring continued mobile connectivity while abroad. Additionally, WONDEROAM will give our customers peace of mind during their travels, and ensure that they are not faced with the hassle of excessive bill costs and tension of being separated with their loved ones." he said, adding that 'no bill shock wherever you go' is assured for subscribers who sign up for the plan.

WONDEROAM 1 Day Social RM10 is applicable to all Xpax Prepaid Plans, it's also available in 10 countries from Southeast Asia, South Asia and East Asia, and offers 1GB data for Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, Free 50MB Hi-Speed Internet and Free 50MB Basic Internet. To use this plan, just dial *118# > Wonderoam > Wonderoam 1 Day Social RM10 > Subscribe.

Next, WONDEROAM 1 Day Internet RM38 features 50MB data onwards and it's available for both postpaid and prepaid celcom users, Postpoaid users will be auto charged upon using the service while connected to preferred networks as the roam in 165 countries, whereas prepaid users will have their credit balance deducted upon the purchase via USSD *188#.

As for WONDEROAM 1 Week RM138 plan, only FiRST Gold and the new FiRST Platinum users can use it. The plan offers Unlimited Calls, Unlimited SMS and 3GB internet. Speaking of FiRST Platinum plan, it's a new plan that offers more data than FiRST Gold and there will be more information about the FiRST Platinum plan tomorrow from Celcom.

To learn more about these three new WONDEROAM roaming plans, visit Celcom's website on International Roaming to check it out.