Celcom takes the lead of having the most users on 4G according to Opensignal


Back in early November 2019, we wrote news about the 4G connectivity gap between the urban and rural areas in Malaysia and gained some interesting insights about it. This time around, Opensignal went deeper with their research on the performance of our local telco's mobile signal strength in both urban and rural areas. 

According to Opensignal's new report, it seems that over 90% of Celcom users enjoyed the most in terms of 4G availability in populated urban areas, whereas the "lowest" is U Mobile with 75%. Compared with rural areas, Celcom users still managed to experience 4G availability at 75% and U Mobile users are still at the bottom at 40%. 



However, when it comes to the highest 3G/4G availability, unifi scored 98.4% in urban areas followed by Celcom's network with 98.1%. Furthermore, if we were to combine both 3G and 4G services, all the Internet data providers scored above 90% easily across all four categories of population density with the exception of U Mobile. 

So which telco are you subscribed to? If you want to read the full report, you can head over to Opensignal's webpage right here to check it out. Stay tuned for more local tech news at TechNave.com.