ChatGPT to officially launch on Android next week

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Previously, we reported on how OpenAI released the ChatGPT app on iOS, enabling iPhone users to use the powerful AI tool. Now, the same app is officially coming to Android too, with OpenAI announcing that it will be rolling out in the final week of July. 

Taking to Twitter, the company asserted that the ChatGPT app for Android is coming next week, though no specific date was mentioned. Furthermore, Android users can also pre-order the app on Google Play Store and get it as soon as it launches. 

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Compared to the iOS app, it seems that ChatGPT for Android may not be restricted to only users in the United StatesA quick test shows that you can pre-register for the app from Malaysia.

However, it is uncertain whether you can actually get it when it launches. The Google Play listing also showed screenshots of the app’s UI.

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