China Shop can upgrade your Apple iPhone/iPad storage to 128GB, coming to Malaysia


Yes, you read that right. A shop in China has figured out how to upgrade your Apple iPhone or iPad’s storage up to 128GB of space without causing it to brick on you. How did they do it? Hey, it’s China. They can do anything.

Apple products aren’t easy to modify, as they install a software protection that verifies the hardware in the right configuration. That’s not even the main problem, because you need special tools to work on the hardware and chips and it’s difficult to do so. Not to mention, the iPhone 5s’s motherboard is really tiny to be ejected out safely for the memory chip inside. According to the shop owner, he has very little trouble with iPads and the iPhone 6 is easier to handle but the iPhone 6s is still untested.  

However the shop discovered the loophole, so far the shop owner has claimed that 70+ units have been upgraded with no complaints so far. There is no guarantee that some app and data might be erased in the process, but there’s always an iCloud backup for that anyway. 


Price wise, the shop will charge its customers CNY 580 (RM392.17) for the 128GB storage and CNY 450 (RM304.27) for the labour. So if you happen to go to China for a holiday and own an iPhone or iPad that is getting full, you might want to try your luck, or you could wait and see if it will eventually come to Malaysia. Needless to say, this will void your warranty, but it does offer other options for your older Apple devices.

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