Clubhouse is now available for Android users in Malaysia


Today, Clubhouse for Android has finally made its way to Malaysia and everyone can now download it on the Google Play Store for free. As expected, it's still an invite-only app but you can still register a username before your friend invites you into it.

In case you have been under the rock, Clubhouse first blew into popularity back in early 2021 on the iOS platform in Malaysia. It has been around for more than a year already and it's a voice chat platform where users can join any rooms for ongoing discussions, topics from well-known speakers. Even international celebrities are playing it.


From the welcoming page, it seems that there may be still some bugs here and there so please do be patient while the developers do the finishing touches. Have you been waiting for the Android version of Clubhouse? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more trending tech news at