Comparison: Apple iPhone SE 2020 telco plan by Celcom, Digi, U Mobile and Maxis

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The Apple iPhone SE 2020 is now available for purchase in Malaysia starting from RM1999 and as usual, our local telcos have prepared their package offers to those who are interested. In this latest comparison article, we will be taking a look at Celcom, Digi and U Mobile's package plans for the iPhone SE 2020. Maxis have yet to reveal their plans, so we will update it when they do. Meanwhile, read on below to check out which one is best suited for you!


Celcom - Go Lightning with a ton of Internet data up to 100GB

Starting with the blue telco, Celcom is offering all three iPhone SE models (64GB, 128GB and 256GB) with their MEGA Lightning Pass series. The most affordable one is none other than the 64GB model for just RM57 per month with an Internet data pool of up to 70GB on the Lightning XL Pass (worth RM108)! Of course, there's also the Mega Postpaid plan (worth RM80) bundled together with 30GB of data, totalling up to 100GB worth of data with RM245 per month in total.


Celcom's iPhone SE pre-order seems pretty straightforward so nothing too complicated here. All three colours - white, black and PRODUCT(RED) - are available so to learn more, you can visit their official website here


Digi - Go ALL-IN or get an iPhone SE + Apple Watch Series 5 combo

Next, the iPhone SE 2020 is part of Digi's trademark PhoneFreedom 365 once again with the lowest ALL-IN monthly (phone + plan) payment. According to their website, the lowest iPhone SE price you can get is on the Digi Postpaid 190 for RM53 per month. This postpaid plan also features 2 x 100GB All Day Internet, Unlimited Calls and 5GB roaming Internet. 



That said, it's not the lowest ALL-IN monthly payment though. The lowest one is on Digi Postpaid 80 with GBoost, where you can pay a total of RM158 per month (RM68/month for the phone + RM80 for the plan + RM10 for GBoost). It's also worth mentioning that the company is also offering an iPhone SE (128GB or 256GB) + Apple Watch Series 5 combo starting from RM151. A pretty sweet deal, if you ask me!


U Mobile - Save up to RM1500 and GoInsure 3 with a free COVID-19 coverage

As for U Mobile, you can purchase the new iPhone SE bundled with either the Unlimited HERO P139 or Unlimited HERO P99. Should you choose the former, you will get to enjoy a savings of RM1500 which means the iPhone SE 2020 is only RM499! On the other hand, if you prefer paying on an instalment plan, you can go for the UPackage from as low as RM41 per month with 0% interest. 


U Mobile didn't stop there though, the orange telco is also giving out GoInsure 3 for those who purchase the new iPhone SE on the Unlimited Hero P139 package. For those who don't know, GoInsure 3 is a Personal Accident (PA) insurance product with COVID-19 coverage for up to RM13,000 and the company will offer it for 24 months free of charge. To learn more about U Mobile's plan, you can visit the website here


Maxis - Get the iPhone SE 2020 from as low as RM64/month

Finally, Maxis was the last one to present their package plans for the iPhone SE 2020. According to their website, it seems that only the 128GB model is available with all the 3 aforementioned colour options. As usual, you can opt to choose either the Zerolution or normal contract from as low as RM64 for 2 years.


If you're eyeing on the RM64 payment for the device, that is on the MaxisONE 188 plan which you can get up to 60GB worth of Internet data, Unlimited calls and SMS, as well as up to 4 Share Lines with your friends and family. All the MaxisONE Zerolution plans offer RM0 upfront payment but if you want a normal contract, you can only choose MaxisONE Plan 188, 158 and 128 from as low as RM645.


So these are our local telco package plans for the iPhone SE 2020. By the way, you can use our telco phone plans comparison tool on our website as well if you're looking for something else (you're welcome). Which telco package plan is your favourite? Let us know on our Facebook page, stay safe and stay tuned for more local tech deals at 

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