Could the iPhone 8 be announced as early as 12 September 2017?


Rumour has it from MacRumors, that the upcoming 2017 version of the iPhone a.k.a the Apple iPhone 8, may be launched as early as 12 September 2017 and go on the shelf as early as 22 September 2017.

The reasoning behind this is that Apple’s financial quarter ends on 30 September 2017 according to Mac4Ever, so it only makes sense for Apple to officially unveil their iPhones at that time.

The iPhone 8 is not the only surprise Apple will have in store for us, rumour has it that we may be looking at a brand new Copper colour for the iPhone, a new 4K Apple TV, the latest Apple Watch Series 3 and of course, the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

Usually it takes a bit longer for us Malaysians to feel the loving embrace of Apple’s products but I might go as bold to say that it’s almost always worth it. Hold your head up high Malaysians!

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