Could this be the foldable iPhone of your dreams?


Apple had already confirmed that we wouldn’t be seeing a foldable iPhone any time soon but that doesn’t stop most of us from dreaming. Caviar definitely did dream and created this double folded concept of a foldable iPhone, dubbed the "iPhone Z".

The device was shown to be able to fold twice with a 10.4 inch flexible display and a triple rear camera setup. When the device is folded, it will have a 20:9 aspect ratio with a bezel-less Super Retina HD screen. When unfolded, it will change into a 3:2 aspect ratio screen.

Depending on how you fold the device, it put you in different modes. The first one is the selfie mode where you use the selfie camera with one of the folded screens, then there’s table mode which enables when it is fully open, showing off its 3876 x 2758 display. When folded like an L shape, you can use the device like a laptop with one side showing the screen and the other the keyboard. The device will change modes according to how the device is placed and folded and will transition seamlessly thanks to the iOS.

Camera-wise, it will feature a triple camera setup with 15MP sensors. Other than that, some tech specs and other features that can be found will be an on-screen fingerprint scanner with Touch ID and a USB-C port. Caviar, being a company that shows off luxury, also notes the presence of 90 diamonds placed on the body of the device which can be found when the device is folded in particular ways.

The iPhone Z is the name given to this device presumably due to the fact that it can be folded into a Z shape. We may never see this device in our lifetime which is probably a good thing as this device may set you back about USD$3000 (~RM12408). But is this really what you envisioned a foldable iPhone to be? For the latest news and updates, stay tuned to!