Dark mode on iOS 13 is the battery saver for iPhone!



Dark mode has been in use for a while now since the launch of the iOS 13, it turns out to be a battery saver for your iPhone! But it only works with the OLED models.

According to the source, two iPhone XS are placed together using robotic devices to perform the same tasks such as watching a Youtube video, using social media, navigating with Google Maps and Messaging apps. Both devices are set in light and in dark mode respectively.

The results were as expected, the device that runs in dark mode still had 30 percent battery life and the one in light mode was drained out. Besides, dark mode will have a better impact on the OLED phones compared to the LCD panel devices as some light will still be emitted when the LCD is turned off.

Either way, there is no official experimental tests out yet but it is something worth knowing for. With that said, will you be switching to dark mode? Let us know at our Facebook page and stay tuned for more technical news like these on TechNave.com!

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