DeepNude app is able to easily create fake nude photos of women


You don’t have to have taken nude photos to have your nudes leaked on the internet in this age. A programmer has created an app called DeepNude which can remove clothes from images of fully clothed women with a simple press of a button. The resulting photos are pretty realistic as well.

The app uses photos of clothed women and swaps them out for AI generated private parts of the body. So far, the app is only able to create nude photos of women. When the app is tried on men, it swaps out the clothes for women’s privates instead. Images with women that bare more skin is able to create more realistic looking nude images such as photos of models on the Sports Illustrated magazine. Other factors which affects how realistic a photo looks include lighting and poses. Photos with high resolutions, front facing poses and good lighting created more convincing nudes.

The app’s technology is based on the Deepfake technology which is able to create fake videos of people and objects in different scenarios with just some images. Samsung’s lab in Russia was able to create realistic looking videos from just a single image which makes things even more scary. The app is available on Windows and Linux and comes in a free and paid version which costs USD$50 (~RM207). The free version comes with a “FAKE” watermark on the top left corner which can easily be removed through Photoshop. 


Alberto (fake name), the creator of DeepNude had mentioned that the software is based on pix2pix, an open source algorithm. It uses generative adversarial networks (GANs), which trains an algorithm on a huge dataset of images. In the case of DeepNude, it uses about 10000 images of nude women for its AI. The app only works with women for now as it is easier to find nude images of women online. However, Alberto hopes to create a version of the app for males as well. 

It follows simple steps to create images: Find the clothes, mask the clothes, speculate anatomical positions and rendering it. All of this takes only about 30 seconds on a regular PC and the process can be made faster in the future. Does this app scare you? Keep up with the latest app news and updates on!