Developers invited to create apps for Hong Meng OS as US firms find loopholes to work with Huawei


The biggest problem with launching a phone OS is not the technical bits but rather the building of the ecosystem. The OS would not be successful without apps on it and Huawei definitely sees this. As a step to overcome the problem, the Chinese manufacturer invites partners and developers to join the “Ark of Friends Circle” to help build a “fair, open, healthy and win-win” ecosystem. Huawei’s Ark Compiler is set to be officially open source starting this August. 

Meanwhile in the US, many companies have found ways to work around the Huawei ban. US based Micron Technologies have found that they could legally sell some of their products to Huawei as long as not more than 25% of the parts of the product are not American. Other companies have been working on a solution to prevent their products to be labelled as “American made” such as selling through other companies or moving their production companies to other countries. 

The effects of the ban looks bad for both US firms and Huawei. Huawei CEO has told Google that the company may be losing about 800 million users as consequence of Huawei leaving Android. That’s a pretty large user base to lose. Huawei’s Hong Meng OS is set to be launched this October and it is reported that the Chinese manufacturer has sent out a million devices to be tested. So what do you think of the effects of the Huawei ban in the US? Keep up with the latest Huawei news and updates on!

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