DiGi Drops Samsung Galaxy Note II Price to RM1259 After Rebates


With Samsung churning out new models almost daily, it was bound to happen eventually and therefore DiGi has announced the Samsung Galaxy Note II at a very much decreased price with their new DG Smart Plan 88. When the Samsung Galaxy Note II first came out it retailed at a pretty high RM2299 so this price drop is a little bit more than RM1000 but according to DiGi you save about RM740 on the Galaxy Note II based on the retail price of RM1999. This savings is based on the DG Smart Plan 88 for a contract of 24 months.

After a closer look at it, instead of lowering the initial upfront there is a marked decrease in monthly payments thanks to more rebates. Looking at it in the long term, it all balances out in the end, so it is more a case of preference and those who don't mind spending a little more in the beginning. If you're on the move and need a bit more data then you can opt for the DG Smart Special bundle at RM148/month which allows you to pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note II for just RM999. Existing 12 month or more DiGi Postpaid customers don't need to pay the advance payment. For a quick look at the numbers check out our table below:


You can see the full details for this plan here. In addition to this DiGi are also including FREE Next Day delivery and for those who purchase online you can also get a FREE Samsung Bluetooth Headset. For a refresher on the tech specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note II tech specs at Mobile Mega Mall, click here. You can also click here to see all of the DiGi telco plans at Mobile Mega Mall. Check back with us regularly as we'll continue to keep a close watch on telco plan and device promotions in Malaysia.


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