DiGi Reveals Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV Pre-order from RM1199

digi 2.jpg

While everyone else is still speculating on the price of the Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV, DiGi have revealed that they may be in the know with a pre-order for the smartphone starting from RM1199. Granted this is a subsidized price under a 24 month contract for the DG SmartPlan 148. The point is that this subsidized price is dropped from an RRP of RM2199, about RM200 less from earlier estimates, RM100 lower than the HTC One under the same DiGi pre-order plan and even lower than the Singapore price (RM2450).

As usual, DiGi also have the Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV offered for their DG Smart Plan 88 and DG Smart Plan 58 at slightly higher subsidized smartphone prices but with monthly rebates. Check out the table below for more details:

DiGi Samsung Galaxy S4 Preorder Table.jpg

DiGi has estimated the delivery for the Samsung Galaxy S4 / S IV to be around the last week of April 2013. For more DiGi telco plans click here, but if you'd like more details about this DiGi Pre-order click on the DiGi site.