DiGi completes the set with HTC One Mini and HTC one Max at zero contract

DiGi HTC One Max and Mini cover.jpg

On top of the gold coloured HTC One, DiGi looks to be completing the set with the HTC One Mini and HTC One Max, both of which are on zero contract. The HTC One Mini is available from RM1430, a bit lower than it's retail price of RM1599 while the HTC One Max is available from RM2225, again a bit lower than it's retail price of RM2499. The zero contract means that you can terminate the plan at any time but to qualify for the lower price, you will have to signe up for the SmartPlan 58, SmartPlan 88 or SmartPlan 148 postpaid plans. Users can expect rebates of RM10  a month for the SmartPlan 58, RM20 a month for the SmartPlan 88 and RM33 a month for the SmartPlan 148 for the first 24 months. Check out the table below for more details:

DiGi HTC One Mini / HTC One Max
SmartPlan 58 SmartPlan 88 SmartPlan 148
Monthly RM58 RM88 RM148
Data (Quota) 2GB 4GB 6GB
Call rates 15 sen per minute 10 sen per minute
SMS rates
10 sen per SMS
Free Calls 200 minutes on network 300 minutes 600 minutes
Free SMS 200 SMS on network 300 SMS
600 SMS
HTC One Mini RM1430
HTC One Max

Alternatively, you can also check out other plan options by using our HTC One Max plan comparison tool. For more information regarding this deal check out the HTC One Mini DiGi site and HTC One Max DiGi site or you can also see our other DiGi Telco deals as well.

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