Digi now offering the Samsung Galaxy S9+ 256GB model device for just RM1999 only


Hey Samsung fans, if you're looking for a Samsung Galaxy S9+ with the biggest storage, but can't really afford it, here's some good news from Digi. Digi is now offering that same model in 128GB and 256GB for the same price from just RM1999 only. That's a 47% off from its original price!

Available in Black, Blue and Purple, this new deal is only available for the Digi Postpaid plan which is the Digi Postpaid 250 Family, Postpaid 150 Family, Postpaid 110 and Postpaid 80. The RM1999 discount is only eligible for the Postpaid 250 plan, so should you want to choose the others, the device price is slated as RM2654, RM2859 and RM2949 respectively.


The plans

On a side note, all the aforementioned Postpaid plans are not for everyone, though. Those from a new line and port in from another network can sign up for all four, while the current Digi users can only apply for Postpaid 110 and 80. Also, might be a bummer for you if you want a 256GB Galaxy S9+ model in Blue and Purple because only Black has it.

Of course, the contract will bound you two 24-months but you will get to enjoy some nice features of the plans such as the GBoost, which allows you to upgrade to an All Day Internet + Extra 10GB for RM10 per month, up to 120GB of Internet Data pool, unlimited calls to any networks, free roaming and IDD (except Postpaid 80) and free Family Lines for Postpaid 250 Family (up to 4) and 150 Family (up to 2).

If that sounds good to you, you can head over to their official website here to find out more. Stay tuned for more Digi news at TechNave.com.

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