Does the Huawei Nova 3 provide “real” golden camera performance?


These days, nearly all mobile phone manufacturers are focusing on eye-catching designs but a good mobile phone should not only look good but also offer the same level of ability as well. Now, the Huawei Nova 3 offers a new gorgeous Primrose gold colour while also sporting a Kirin 970 AI processor with 6GB RAM + 128GB storage and a 24MP + 16MP dual rear camera.

Thanks to the Kirin 970 AI, the camera offers 22 different scenes that are selected intelligently for a total of 500 different shooting scenarios. After testing out the gorgeously golden Nova 3, does it provide “real” golden camera performance?

Huawei Nova 3 tech specs:

  • Kirin 970 processor
  • 6GB RAM+128GB ROM
  • Hyperbolic 3D glass gradient body
  • 6.3-inch Full View Display 2.0 (2340×1080, 19:5:9 ratio)
  • 24MP black and white lens +16MP RGB sensor rear dual camera | 24MP+2MP front dual camera
  • 3.5mm headphone jack, USB Type-C, NFC
  • Android Oreo EMUI 8.2
  • 3750mAh battery capacity (Huawei QuickCharge)
  • Colour: black, red, blue and purple
  • RM1899


Artificial Intelligence Camera to easily explore the beauty of the world

The camera capabilities of Huawei's mobile phones have always been among the best in the mobile phone industry. Among them, the AI Camera's ability to recognize scenes and apply post-optimization offers large advantages in terms of its camera capabilities. While the Nova 3 is equipped with a 24MP + 16MP RGB dual rear camera, AI smart recognition has a total of 22 different scenes and 500 different shooting scenarios but with post automatic adjustment, the Nova 3 will also adjust the tone, HDR application and so on according to the scene.

To be honest, the Nova 3’s post-processing ability really helps to make photos more eye-catching with the most significant effect being the improvement of the brightness of the shadows. In addition, if a user wants, the camera will automatically save the AI optimized and original photos so if they don’t like how the photos are adjusted by the AI, they can also do the post adjustment by themselves. Why not?



Improved details of the dark part of the building


Check out the silvery sheen


Blue Sky mode in action


Everyone working happily, haha


Even when cloudy the shadows are adjusted well


The green of the leaves is highlighted while the leaf pattern is focused on


Cloudy pool reflection


Focusing on the green


In the dark, I am the most dazzling

Among the many modes available on the camera, our personal favourite is the night scene mode, which only needs a single button press to take low-noise night shots. Just turn on the camera and press the shutter buttons. the Nova 3 camera will automatically meter the light so you don’t have to worry about how the light or darkness changes. The only thing you have to do is to hold the phone and wait for the night scene to finish.

In the night scene mode, after the shutter is pressed, the screen will display the brightness in real time, so the user can decide when to stop shooting according to the brightness that the user likes. It is also worth noting that the camera will automatically detect if you are using a tripod and then extend the exposure time so the brightness of the night shots is increased to a whole new level.



 Night shot mode, you can see that it also catches the car trails (see the red line?) and all the details


Captures all the details


Believe us, the actual shooting environment was much darker than this




Focus on your beauty with portrait mode and selfies

There will always be people who like to take pictures of things, regardless of how much they choose to do so. In order to highlight the existence of these things, blurred backgrounds really help to provide more focus. However, not all smartphones can provide a good enough blurry background or bokeh effect, but those with good computing power often provide more natural and precise blurry background effects.

In this point alone, the Nova 3 camera provides an impeccable portrait mode and self timer. Check out these selfie shots which showcase the portrait mode capabilities of the Nova 3 that fully highlights and focuses on the subject.


 The blurred background effect looks very natural here


Even with hair, the blurring is accurate and precise



With beauty turned on



Conclusion - A Gorgeous golden cameraphone

Despite its gorgeous appearance, the Huawei Nova 3’s camera capabilities are definitely not a problem. Going for an official price of RM1919, we heartily recommend that you go to the official Huawei store, authorized dealers and Huawei official online shopping platform to buy this phone! Stay tuned for more tech news and reviews at

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