Don't know what or where to eat? You can try the new Dine-In feature on GrabFood


Makan kat mana?” “Where to eat? “ What to eat?”. If you happened to be a Malaysian, then these questions might have become the norm. Thankfully, those dilemmas could end soon thanks to the latest innovation by GrabFood.

In case you didn’t know,GrabFood released a new feature called GrabFood Dine-in. This feature helps you discover restaurants in and around a selected location on the Grab app. Plus, it provides a clear view of a restaurant's profile, complete with menus, opening hours, and location details. That includes ratings and reviews from millions of food lovers on GrabFood.


In addition, this feature helps you engage and attract more customers as a business owner. A report from Grab's Southeast Asia (SEA) Food and Grocery Trends 2022 suggests that 88% of consumers discover new stores from delivery apps. Hence, it could potentially grow your business. On top of that, you can also save more through various food vouchers on the app.

But it does not end there, you can also enjoy flexible payments offline and in-store with PayLater by Grab. You can also use the Dine-in feature to discover the best eats (deals) when you're travelling. This is a convenient way of finding out about popular cuisines in new areas and getting them.

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