DotA 2, PUBG Mobile, FIFA 20 and Tekken 7 announced for Selangor Cyber Games 2019, with RM215K total prize pool on the line


With our local government increasingly supporting eSports, the latest news is about the Selangor Cyber Games 2019 and the registration has officially started. According to the Selangor government, four game titles have been announced for the tournament with a total prize money up to RM215,000.

The four games that are chosen to be part of the Selangor Cyber Games 2019 are DotA 2, FIFA 20, PUBG Mobile and Tekken 7. Below are the tournament details of each game:

  • DotA 2: The total prize money is RM30,000. 128 teams will play the online qualification challenge. After the qualifier rounds, there will be 8 teams entering the finals
  • PUBG Mobile: The total prize money is RM100,000, 512 teams will participate in the online qualification challenge, 5 special guests + 11 teams will face each other to enter the finals
  • FIFA 20: The total prize money is RM55,000 and a total of 512 players can participate
  • Tekken 7: A total prize of RM30,000 and a total of 128 players can join

The Selangor Cyber Games 2019 is jointly organized by the Selangor Sports Council, Mineski Events Team and Big Machinez, sponsored by Central I-City and Unifi as the broadband sponsored partner. In addition, the tournament is also supported and sponsored by PeBT (Penggerak Belia Tempatan), MBSA (Shah Alam City Council), Selangor E-sports Association (ESS) and Tencent (Tencent).

You may visit the official website of Selangor Cyber Games 2019 to check it out. For more eSports news, stay tuned for more of this at