Dr M says Malaysia does not plan to ban Huawei 5G


In the recent Oxford Union interview, Tun Dr Mahathir, Prime Minister of Malaysia (Dr M) revealed that Malaysia has no plans to ban Huawei from rolling out “5G communication towers” here in Malaysia. Referring to the actions of countries like the US, Germany, Japan and Canada banning Huawei from rolling out networks over security concerns, Malaysia has no intentions of following these sentiments without any proof.  

“We have not caught them doing anything wrong in Malaysia. What Germany wants to do, is for Germany to decide. What Canada wants to do also is for them to decide. But Malaysia does not just follow what other people are doing. We have to study and find out whether there is a basis for the action that they took against this company.” Tun Dr Mahathir, Prime Minister of Malaysia

This statement by Dr M suggests that Huawei's 5G roll out in Malaysia will go on as planned and Huawei smartphones will continue to be sold and supported here.