DuitNow QR & DuitNow Transfer officially launched on BigPay in Malaysia

BigPay QR 2.jpg

Today, BigPay has announced that DuitNow is available for Malaysian BigPay users across the nation. With that, BigPay users can use DuitNow QR and DuitNow Transfer for all payments. 

Make sure you have your BigPay updated to the latest version and you can use it right away. Just simply open the BigPay app and scan a merchant’s DuitNow QR code to make a payment. Moreover, BigPay users with linked airasia rewards accounts will earn points for every transaction made using DuitNow QR which can be redeemed on the airasia superapp. 


Then for DuitNow Transfer, BigPay users can use the service to make instant domestic fund transfers to and from BigPay with participating local banks and e-wallets. The funds can be quickly transferred to other recipients through DuitNow IDs, which can be a recipient’s mobile number, NRIC number, business registration number, police/army ID, or passport number.

For more information about BigPay DuitNow, you can visit the official web portal right over here. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at TechNave.