DuitNow is now available on the Setel app with Mesra points eligibility

Setel DuitNow (1).png

Today, Setel announced that Setel app users can now use DuitNow QR. Integrated with the Setel Pay feature, it can now be used to scan and pay at any merchant that displays the DuitNow QR code.

Besides paying merchants via DuitNow, Setel users will also be able to send and receive funds using DuitNow and generate their own DuitNow QR to facilitate fund transfers into their e-wallet. Mesra points can be earned for every payment using DuitNow, which can be used to redeem fuel and other rewards from 30 March to 31 May 2023.

Setel DuitNow (2).png

Accessing DuitNow QR in Setel is easy, you just have to go through the ‘Pay’ tab on the app homepage. After that, tap on the 'Scan QR code' and once the scanner appears, just scan the DuitNow QR code, enter the payment amount, and submit. It's super easy, barely an inconvenience.