Duolingo is now teaching math as well with a new app

Duolingo Math cover.jpg

We all know Duolingo as the language app, but do you know it teaches math now? The company has launched a new math app called Duolingo Math, which offers gamified lessons with colourful animations and interactive exercises.

Duolingo Math brings two primary components, an elementary-level math curriculum and a brain-training course. The former goes over classroom topics, while the latter focuses on improving adults' mental math skills. If you're one of those anxious about math skills, this could be a great app for you to brush up a bit.

Duolingo Math 1.jpg

Math game is not something special, as we already have a handful on the market. However, Duolingo should be able to stand out among the offerings for the reputation it has built as the go-to language learning app. If you're interested, Duoling Math is free, and you can download it from the Apple App Store. It's unknown when it will arrive for Android users.

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