Dyson had an electric car that cost ~RM2.6 billion


When people hear Dyson, they would automatically think of those high-end vacuums and hair-care products. But did you know that they were also working on an electric car a few months ago? Dubbed as the N526, the vehicle never got to see the light of the tunnel but the company decided to show some images to the public for the first time.

According to an interview from the Time with Sir James Dyson (the chairman), the electric car was a 7-seater that can drive up to 600-miles from a single charge. In comparison, it's almost twice as much with the Tesla Model X's 314 miles which is also a 7-seater vehicle. Weighing 2.6-ton, the Dyson electric car uses solid-state batteries and a pair of 200kW electric motors rated with 536BHP and 480lb/ft of torque. This allowed the vehicle to go from zero to 62Mph within 4.8 seconds and reaching 125MPH in top speed.

dims (1).jpg

In terms of design, Sir James Dyson also showcased the interior seats. The seats are slim, comfy, and futuristic that looks like a gaming chair. The Dyson founder noted that the chair design looked odd but would offer better lumbar support for the drive and passenger's body. The dashboard also looks tidy and neat, so that the driver or passenger can utilize a head-up display like a "hologram".

In the end, Sir James Dyson spent £500 million (~RM2,636,227,000.00) from his own pocket before putting it to a stop on last October. From a business point of view, the Dyson electric car would need to make at least £150,000 (~RM790,782) to break even. Moreover, since it's not mainstream yet like the current cars we are using now, Tesla have been experiencing annual losses since releasing their electric cars.

Sir James Dyson also mentioned that he won't mind if other car brands borrow his solid state batteries for future electric cars, and who knows, Dyson might return once electric cars become mainstream. Meanwhile, we have our own "flying" vehicle in Malaysia that garnered a lot of attention but up until now, there has been no news due to the current pandemic. Oh well, stay tuned for more trending tech news at TechNave.com.